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We’ve spent over a decade building a safe online community for members to take control, get support and feel better.

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What is the service?

The video highlights from all viewpoints how we support populations with their mental health and wellbeing – helping with feels of anxiety, depression, isolation and stress, to relationship problems and lifestyle challenges. The safety of our members and clinical rigor is at the core of what we do and we have a network of trained professionals providing 24/7 support around the world.

Support Network


Clinically moderated, anonymous online forums. Design tool to enable the creative expression of difficult emotions.


Quality self-help courses on various topics. Share course progress with the community in specific online forums.


Library of useful articles and resources. Helpful tests and features to track progress.

Who we work with

We are commissioned by over 250 organizations in the UK, North America and New Zealand. While the benefits of our service are the same for all, there are particular sectors where we’re really making a difference…


  • NHS England
  • Local Authorities
Read our latest NHS case study here
16+ Education
  • Universities
  • Colleges
Read our latest University case study here
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sector companies
  • Public sector departments
  • Third sector organisations
Armed Forces
  • Access provided by the UK Ministry of Defence and NHS England to all serving personnel, veterans and family members.

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Evidence behind our service

We take an evidence-based approach to making Togetherall ever safer and more effective. A range of scientific research and RCT's have, and continue to be, undertaken and published.

External research

  • Independent RCT – Ontario Ministry of Health and Women’s College Hospital – Effectiveness of BWW trial, found statistically significant clinical benefit using 3 separate measures: PHQ-9, GAD-7 and RAS-r.
  • Independent review, NCSR, 2009 – identified 3 key benefits amongst BWW members; recognition that others were experiencing similar issues, anonymity overriding stigma, immediate, easy access to BWW around the clock
  • Support groups and befriending are recommended by NICE in the care of all people with depression (Clinical guideline, 2018).
  • Hardly reached individuals – Sokol & Fisher, 2016 concluded that peer support is a broad and robust strategy for reaching groups that health services find difficult to engage.
  • Online support communities – Members value anonymity and non-judgemental interactions as unique characteristics of internet-mediated support (Hwang et al, 2010).

Togetherall research

  • 92% of members self-refer to Togetherall demonstrating the value of immediate and anonymous access
  • Togetherall members represent the ethnic profile of England and Wales, attracting true diversity within the community
  • 60% of members sought support as they were feeling scared or anxious
  • Members share their feelings on Togetherall predominantly due to the nature of anonymous conversations
  • 55% of members who self-identified as isolated at registration, felt less isolated after joining the community
  • Members who shared their feelings experienced greater improvements in PHQ & GAD7 scores compared to those who didn’t share their feelings
  • Over 64% of members access the Togetherall out of normal working hours, between 6pm and 6am at night, and weekends.
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Some of our partners

Togetherall offers clients the flexibility and choice to engage in therapy at a time that suits their lifestyle, which is increasingly important for people who have busy lives.

Mindsmatter LCFT

Togetherall has filled a gap for young people transitioning from CAMHS to AMS as it is not age specific as it can transcend the age boundaries.

Chorley and South Ribble & Greater Preston CCG

Implementing BWW on an unlimited population model meant we could offer instant, out-of-hours support for all of our students and staff.

Sheffield Hallam University

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