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Scalable population-wide peer support community

Since 2007, Togetherall’s safe, clinically moderated, anonymous online peer-to-peer support community is a critical part of a broader system of care. Connecting members with a supportive community of others who have gone through similar challenges is an essential part of care, and what we thrive on providing at Togetherall. We help meet the demands of large, diverse populations and integrate into systems of care to enable population-wide access to a safe, supportive mental health community.

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Image of a woman with testimonial saying "Anonymity on Togetherall is important because you can talk about anything without people judging you." and an image of a man with the testimonial saying "Each time I had a down moment, somebody came back. People listened, people understood."

Togetherall provides

  • A safe, vibrant, anonymous, peer-to-peer mental health support community proven to reach and engage underserved populations who don’t traditionally reach out for help

  • 24/7 clinical moderation: licensed clinicians monitor and moderate around-the-clock for the safety of members, and to ensure the community remains inclusive and supportive

  • Risk management: at-risk members are identified, assessed, and navigated to appropriate supports, depending on level of risk

  • Integration with existing services: our community is designed to integrate within your continuum of care, including crisis services

Image of man on a bus with a testimonial saying "Togetherall provides a place where I can be understood and accepted"

Togetherall in 60 seconds

Joining Togetherall provides something that has always been important for maintaining mental health and wellbeing: a community for sharing similar experiences and mutual support. The platform promotes a sense of belonging and connection through community. We’re accessible anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

have no other support outside of Togetherall

shared something for the first time in our community

identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color

identify as trans or non-binary

Our clients

  • Nova Scotia Health
  • NHS England
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  • Nova Scotia Health
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  • Nova Scotia Health
  • NHS England
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