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Scalable population-wide mental health support

Togetherall’s safe, clinically moderated, anonymous online peer-to-peer support is a critical part of a broader system of support. Referrals to a supportive community of others who have gone through similar challenges are a natural part of care, and what we thrive on providing at Togetherall. We help meet the demands of large, diverse populations and integrate into systems of care to enable population-wide access to a safe, supportive mental health community.

Togetherall provides

  • A safe, vibrant, anonymous, peer-to-peer mental health community proven to reach and engage underserved populations who don’t traditionally reach out for help

  • 24/7 clinical moderation – licensed clinicians monitors and moderate around the clock for the safety of members, and to ensure the community remains inclusive and supportive

  • Risk management – At-Risk members are identified, assessed and navigated to appropriate supports depending on level of risk

  • Integration with existing services – our community is designed to integrate with a stepped-care approach to mental health

  • Configurable groups for specific populations – whether individuals are students, healthcare workers or first responders, Togetherall can connect individuals to others in similar environments and situations

  • Scalable – We are trusted by health authorities for 15+ years on our highly scalable and evidence-based model

Togetherall in 60 seconds

Joining Togetherall provides something that has always been important for good mental health and wellbeing: a community for shared experiences and mutual support. The platform promotes a sense of belonging and connection through community. We’re accessible anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

of members identify as BIPOC

indicate they have no other form of support outside of Togetherall

experienced an improvement in well-being as a result of being a Togetherall member

use Togetherall as a complimentary support alongside treatment

  • Through Togetherall I was able to connect with others in similar situations. Being able to talk to someone who could relate to what I was going through made the difference.

    - Resident in Nova Scotia
  • The power of peer-to-peer support within a clinically moderated model gives Albertans the opportunity to share their lived experiences in a safe and inclusive space where they have can have honest conversations about depression, anxiety or other mental health issues they may be experiencing.

    - Alberta Health Services

Our partners

  • Nova Scotia Health
  • Alberta Health Services
  • NHS England
  • Nova Scotia Health
  • Alberta Health Services
  • NHS England
  • Nova Scotia Health
  • Alberta Health Services
  • NHS England

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