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Togetherall is a safe, online community to share feelings anonymously and get support to improve mental health and wellbeing.  In the community people support each other, safely monitored by licensed and registered mental health practitioners.

We’re available free to students and employees across the United States.

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How we help

Joining our community empowers students and employees to seek and provide support for their mental health and wellbeing in a welcoming and safe environment.

  • Someone, somewhere will know how you’re feeling right now, perhaps even have gone through it themselves. And they’d love to hear your story.

  • The community is judgement free. Share experiences with others who can relate and provide support.

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Joining Togetherall provides something that has always been important for good mental health and wellbeing: a community for shared experiences and mutual support. The platform promotes a sense of belonging and connection through community. We’re accessible anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

What our members say

Togetherall helps to relieve my isolation, by allowing me to connect with people in a safe and anonymous way.
- Member
On good days I can support others. On bad days, when I need supporting, I can find information to understand how to deal with it.
- Member
share thoughts and feelings on Togetherall because it's anonymous
of members self-reported an improvement to their wellbeing after using Togetherall
of students felt less isolated after using Togetherall (Ontario Study)

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