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A global leader in digital peer-to-peer community

Since 2007, Togetherall has provided a safe online community to individuals, empowering members to anonymously connect with others. In this time, we have built up successful partnerships and offered support to people in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. 

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Togetherall knows how to partner

Partnerships are important to us.

We’ve developed our service so that it can be seamlessly integrated with your existing health and wellbeing offerings and work as an extension of these. We work hard to ensure your way of working is supported throughout. 


They will be safe at Togetherall

Our 24/7 moderation by licensed clinicians enables individual-level risk to be easily identified, assessed, and stepped up to greater levels of care appropriate to the situation.  

Togetherall clinicians can guide low to moderate risk cases to your other services (i.e. EAP, coaching, work life services etc.) when appropriate. 

Our processes are rigorous and thoughtfully designed to complement your safety protocols. 


Serving those who may otherwise not receive support

Togetherall provides support to those employees and plan members who may not feel like other services are the right fit for them. 

“Most of us are good at hiding our feelings. Togetherall is the only place I have felt comfortable expressing myself, a testament to the power of community.”

– Togetherall Member 


From left to right: Image of a female healthcare worker with testimonial saying "Anonymity on Togetherall is important because you can talk about anything without people judging you", image of a male office worker with testimonial saying "Each time I had a down moment, somebody came back. People listened, people understood", image of male farmer with testimonial saying "Lots of things helped put me back together again, but most of all my constant, Togetherall" and finally an image of a female teacher with testimonial saying "Togetherall provides a place where I can be understood and accepted"


Seamless integration and access

  • The addition of Togetherall to your suite of services means both higher net utilization reportable to your customers, and supporting employees not engaging in other forms of support.

  • The anonymous, community-led approach removes barriers to help, appealing to marginalized populations often not engaging in traditional mental health services.

have no other support outside of Togetherall.

shared something for the first time in our community. 

identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color. 

identify as trans or non-binary. 

Togetherall reduces the devastating effects of loneliness and isolation

Nearly 1 in 4 adults across the world reported feeling lonely, which poses a health risk for premature death equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


  • Providing scalable peer community solutions is imperative for our health on a global scale.
  • That’s where Togetherall comes in, a digital peer-to-peer community with global reach.
  • With 93% of users self-reporting improved wellbeing and 80% feeling less isolated after using Togetherall, the community is clearly a powerful and accessible resource for increased mental wellbeing.


“On signing on to Togetherall for the first time, all of a sudden I had a community of people who understood me… I wasn’t alone anymore.”

Togetherall Member

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