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Safe community support for better mental health

If you’re responsible for people’s mental health in your workplace, organisation or local area, our safe, online community can help. Members join and share anonymously, day or night to get support from peers and professionals. The community provides a flexible, scalable and preventative way to enhance mental health support.

Round-the-clock moderation from highly trained professionals and comprehensive risk procedures ensure our platform is always safe.

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How we help

  • Go beyond treatments and self-guided supports. Provide universal access to something that always helps improve wellbeing: a welcoming community of people to talk to, any time anywhere.

  • Anonymous and moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals, Togetherall is the ideal place for people who may not feel comfortable discussing their mental health issues face-to-face or through treatment. 

  • No judgement. No stigma. It’s a place where anyone can get help, wherever they are in their journey.

Who provides access?

Our Partners

Leading employers, educators, public bodies, charities and private organisations use Togetherall to provide as many people as possible with instant access to safe support.

Togetherall is a cost-effective, scalable solution providing a host of mental health benefits.

  • A vibrant online community where members support each other.

  • Access 24/7, 365 days a year on any internet-enabled device.

  • Self-assessments, self-guided courses and creative expression tools.

  • Enhance choices by linking to other support service available.

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Case Studies

Read how Togetherall has helped increase choice and access to support for our partners