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The Power of Togetherall

Togetherall’s goal is to help shape a world where conversations about mental health are normalized, the power of community is realized and that no one should suffer alone.

Supporting your population’s mental health is your priority. And it’s ours too. Togetherall empowers members to anonymously seek and provide support within a safe community that is monitored and moderated by licensed clinicians 24/7.

No matter who you are, where you are at or what you are struggling with, there is a place in Togetherall for everyone.

Who provides access?

Togetherall is a cost-effective, scalable mental health solution that is safe and inclusive

  • A safe, vibrant, anonymous online community where members support each other
  • Round the clock monitoring by licensed clinicians to ensure the safety of all members
  • A community proven to engage and support underserved populations who don’t traditionally reach out for help
  • An approach applicable at every stage on the mental health service continuum – from early intervention to intensive treatment
  • Integration with existing care systems, services, resources and escalation processes
  • A high scalable, cost-effective, population-wide approach

Our partners

For 15+ years, leading institutions of higher education, employers, unions, professional associations, health authorities and governments trust Togetherall to provide scalable, safe and accessible support.

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of members identify as BIPOC
indicate they have no other form of support outside of Togetherall
experienced an improvement in well-being as a result of being a Togetherall member
use Togetherall as a complimentary support alongside treatment

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