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Togetherall supports student mental health by creating a sense of belonging and connection through community. The online peer-to-peer community is monitored 24/7 by licensed clinicians.

For 15+ years, we have supported student mental health by empowering them to give and receive support for a full range of mental health concerns conveniently and anonymously. This gives students peace of mind to share experiences without the fear of being judged, resulting in a more vibrant and diverse population supporting each other.

Your pathway to engaged and resilient students through connection & community

Togetherall integrates with other campus mental health services as part of an ecosystem of support for students. More than 3 million students have access to Togetherall and over 80% of members report on seeing improvements in their mental health.


Why Togetherall?

  • Peer-to-peer community – Giving and receiving support can be valuable to building self-esteem and improving mental health
  • Safe - Licensed clinicians moderate 24/7, creating a safe and supportive environment for all – resulting in increased engagement, interaction, and overall improvement in wellbeing and resiliency
  • Scalable – A cost-effective, population-wide solution that expands reach and helps support more students
  • Reaches marginalized groups – Effectively reaches and positively impacts marginalized groups who often don’t seek help from traditional services
  • Integrates with your existing counselling services – Togetherall integrates with your current mental health services, after-hours lines, and institution-specific resources
of students experienced an improvement in their wellbeing as a result of being a Togetherall member
of students identify as BIPOC
of students indicate they don’t regularly seek support outside of Togetherall
of students use Togetherall as a complimentary support along with treatment

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