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Research & Evidence

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Togetherall seeks to drive impact by complementing the wider service system both locally and at a population level. Designed for population-wide use, we combine psychosocial, educational, recovery-oriented, and self-care approaches with a platform that is anonymous, instant-access, always active, and clinically moderated and managed.  

Togetherall is used by people at all stages of mental health need as part of an ecosystem of care and support of which Togetherall is one complementary part.  

Find out more about our model in our guide 

Sharing, Learning and Contributing

As a core part of our social mission and sustaining and developing our product and services, Togetherall is committed to a program of research work. This combines both internal and external research work and projects aligned to our strategic objectives and our purpose and values.

By collecting, analyzing, and sharing our data, researching key areas of interest, and sharing our results, Togetherall makes a valuable contribution to national and international mental health research and digital mental health services. Working with partner external bodies and academic institutions to progress key research projects that add value to Togetherall and mental health and digital mental health research.

The aim is to also enhance the evidence base for online peer community platforms and contribute to the science of digital mental health.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in a research collaboration with Togetherall.