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"I feel less isolated since joining Togetherall."

You don’t have to face it alone. On Togetherall there are people who understand.


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Introducing Trained Peers

Trained Peers are there to provide peer support and help maintain a vibrant, welcoming space on Togetherall.

They are members of the community who have worked through a training program, designed and delivered by our clinical team, on how to be a more supportive peer, drawing on their lived experience and passion for mental health to support others.


Any questions?

If you have any questions, we're always available to help. Visit our FAQs pages or contact us.

Togetherall is available through several different routes if you are 16 or over. You can check possible access routes here.

Simply select the ‘Join’ button, select which scenario best describes you and complete a few simple details. If you need any help joining Togetherall you can get in touch with us.

Togetherall provides a wide range of support, whatever you’re going through.

Share what’s on your mind with others in the community, take comfort reading the thoughts of others who may be experiencing something similar to you or browse the many resources available – you’re in control.

The purpose of Togetherall is to help foster positive mental health and offer a safe, stigma free environment where people can work through what they are experiencing, using the peer support offered by the community. The community is moderated by mental health professionals.

Most of the time, therefore, members will not be in crisis, but we understand that sometimes unexpected events do happen.

We are not able to manage emergencies face-to-face or provide ongoing crisis support, but if you, or someone you know, needs urgent help related to their mental health, please refer to the resources on this page.


Practical resources to support your wellbeing, available whenever you need them.