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Social Impact

Founded in 2007, we were an early innovator in using digital tools to support mental health. Stigma about mental health issues was widespread and we saw the world needed a safe, judgement-free space for people to share feelings and support each other with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, and coping with the pressures of life. Over a decade later, we are known as Togetherall: a valued, vibrant, helpful, and welcoming community.  

Togetherall drives impact by complementing the wider service system both locally and at population level. Online peer support can provide the right level of help in a particular moment of need. Peer support can be effective as people’s needs vary, and that’s why Togetherall is used by health systems, educators, employers, insurers, and others to complement promotion, prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery-oriented strategies.  

Stories and Statistics

Impact Charter

Everything we do is governed by our three core principles:

  • Access for all – access for everyone, regardless of background, belief, or means. 
  • Real impact – making a real difference to wellbeing by addressing a gap in traditional support provisions.
  • Self sufficiency – maintain a financially self-reliant and sustainable model so the service thrives and grows.


Togetherall’s Guardian Council ensures we uphold the values set out in our Charter and maintain the highest standards in everything that we do. We work closely with our Guardian Council to constantly review our processes and clinical practices so that we can operate by our Charter. 

Our Guardian Council  


We’re committed to making a real impact in people’s lives by expanding the ecosystem of mental health and wellbeing provisions available. We partner with academic institutions and other research bodies to uncover more about the unique benefits of digital peer support.  

Togetherall’s research program


people supported to-date

don't access mental health support from the health system

joined Togetherall to find support for depression or anxiety

identify as being from an ethnic minority background


shared something on Togetherall they had never previously shared with friends / family

of people who interacted with peers found Togetherall helpful as a support tool for their concern

found Togetherall helpful while on a waitlist

found it helpful compared to other sources of support