Coming Together to Prioritize Mental Health for Young Adults in Nova Scotia

How RBC Future Launch, QEII Foundation, and Nova Scotia Health partnered with Togetherall to offer a safe, immediate space to support mental wellbeing.
Nova scotia young adults mental health

Three Major Canadian Entities Supporting Young Adults with Togetherall

RBC Future Launch, with added support from Nova Scotia Health and the QEII Foundation, have collaborated to integrate Togetherall into their suite of e-mental health tools to address the growing mental health needs of Canadian young adults ages 16-29 in Nova Scotia.

One in five Canadian youth struggles with mental health, and these entities have made it a priority to help them face these challenges through their commitment to providing accessible support.

“We recognize the importance of mental well-being on a young person’s ability to achieve success, and their success directly impacts the strength of our workplaces, schools and communities. Through our partnership with Togetherall, we’re proud to provide mental health supports and services for Nova Scotian youth, helping to address barriers including the low recognition of early signs and symptoms of mental health struggles, a lack of peer support networks, and a disconnected system of care.”

–Mark Beckles, Vice-President, Social Impact & Innovation, RBC

Safe, Inclusive, and Anonymous in a Digital World 

Togetherall provides an anonymous online peer-to-peer support community that’s available to members 24/7, with registered mental health practitioners monitoring the platform around the clock to ensure their safety.   

“Youth access their world online, which is why [this partnership] marks another incredible milestone for the delivery of technology-based solutions within Nova Scotia. The QEII Foundation is proud to partner with Nova Scotia Health, RBC Future Launch and Togetherall on this new initiative, which will support the mental health of Nova Scotia’s youth when and where they need it most,” said Susan Mullin, president and CEO of the QEII Foundation.  

With campuses and work moving back to in-person activities, there will be unpredictable additional stressors on young adults, but the goal of Togetherall’s platform is to provide an outlet for these common mental health concerns, to help address them, and effectively work toward resiliency and coping solutions – together. 

“We know that youth and young adults face particular challenges, and value having peer support and online community options to help them face those challenges together. Having a safe, supportive and confidential place to express themselves, work on things at their own pace and learn new strategies will help young Nova Scotians on their mental wellness journeys. Nova Scotia Health’s Mental Health and Addictions program is excited to bring this new online community to our suite of e-Mental Health services,” said Samantha Hodder, senior director, Nova Scotia Health Mental Health and Addictions Program 

Our Impact: The Power of Community  

Impact Survey Results to Date 

  • 100% of respondents experienced an improvement in their well-being as a result of being a Togetherall member
  • 78% of respondents feel less isolated/alone as a result of being a Togetherall member
  • 78% of respondents feel safe sharing their concerns and seeking support
  • 56% of respondents feel more resilient 

 Togetherall Usage

  • 1,050+ Nova Scotians joined the Togetherall community
  • 900+ Interactions made within the community (comments, posts)
  • 1,550+ Engagements with Togetherall’s self-help resources (assessments, guided courses)
  • 3,200+ Total Togetherall logins 

Support for All: Diversity of Registrants by the Numbers 

  • 32% identify as full-time workers
  • 27% identify as students
  • 13% identify as BIPOC
  • 11% identify as unemployed
  • 12% identify as gender-neutral, gender fluid, non-binary, or transgender
  • 6% identify as experiencing illness or disability
  • 6% identify as caregivers 

*data based on reports from April 2021 – October 2021 

About Togetherall  

Founded in 2007, Togetherall is a leading clinically supervised peer-to-peer online mental health service—providing more than 2 million people across 250+ colleges, universities, and companies in the U.S, Canada, U.K. and New Zealand—access to year-round community and professional support 24/7.

The robust platform serves a diverse population of individuals with common issues like stress, isolation, and anxiety, resulting in increased retention rates and positive member experiences.

46% of its registered users identify as BIPOC, and 5% identify as trans or nonbinary. Togetherall partners with corporate, health, and non-profit institutions to provide cost effective solutions to mental health support.

To learn more about how Togetherall integrates with and supplements your existing counseling models, contact us.