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Trained Peers on Togetherall

We offer peer support training to those with lived experience or a passion for helping others so that they can become a “Trained Peer”.


What is a Trained Peer?

Trained Peers are members of the Togetherall community who are undergoing, or have undergone, a 10-week, digital peer support training program delivered and supervised by Togetherall’s clinical Team. They draw on their lived experience and passion for mental health to support others on Togetherall.

Unlike Wall Guides, they are not mental health professionals and do not moderate the community. While Wall Guides ensure community safety, anonymity, and community moderation, Trained Peers participate in the community specifically to provide peer support and help maintain a vibrant, welcoming space. Trained Peers engage in the Togetherall community based on their own availability and are not online 24/7.

The benefits of Trained Peers

Togetherall’s peer-to-peer community believes in the value of sharing common lived experiences to support one another. The Trained Peers Program enables those with lived experience and a desire to support others to reach more people in the Togetherall community and connect through these shared experiences.

Participants of the program receive training from Togetherall clinicians on how to be a more supportive peer, providing them with the tools to offer effective peer support both online and in their day-to-day lives.

Activity within the community

Trained Peers offer empathetic support and encouragement across the community. Their anonymous profiles are tagged with a visible marker to highlight their contribution within conversations.

The Trained Peers Programme

The Trained Peers Program is a fully remote, online programme lasting 10 weeks. It is available to eligible Togetherall members through their partnered organisation across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. Currently, the program is offered in English only.

Contact us to learn more about your eligibility for the program or if you have any questions.


Who is able to join the program?

Togetherall is partnered with a limited number of post-secondary institutions, employer, charitable organisations and health authorities who choose to offer the Trained Peers Program to their community. Trained Peers need to have previous mental health training before they can join the program. This can include:

  • Mental Health First Aid training

  • A Be There certificate

  • A bachelor’s degree in a mental health-related field, or equivalent

Have more questions or would like to volunteer for the Trained Peers Program?