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Using the Togetherall community platform

Find out more about the features and functionalities on the Togetherall platform, and how to use them.
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To begin a search on Togetherall you can select the magnifying glass icon which will bring up a general search of Togetherall. If you type one or more keywords in the search box, a list of related bricks, Talkabouts, and 'Resources' articles will appear.

You can narrow your search further by selecting on one of the three types of content underneath the search bar, depending on whether you are interested in looking at only Resources, Courses, Bricks or Talkabouts. Simply toggle the filters to change the search results.

The Togetherall peer-to-peer community is the main hub of support where individuals share their stories and experiences, engaging in conversations with other members of the community. Our Wall Guides are registered mental health professionals who keep our members safe and help them feel they are not alone. They proactively respond to Togetherall members who are in crisis and provide them with support, which may involve helping them to seek local assistance from their doctor or therapist.

Wall Guides work to ensure that the anonymity of members is maintained and that any incidences of posts that seem to reveal the real identity of a member are reported. This requires that all comments and images are monitored to ensure that they conform to Togetherall’s House Rules.

You can talk to a Wall Guide at any time by selecting 'Ask a Wall Guide'. This will open a message between you and the Wall Guide. This message will not be public and only you and the Wall Guide will be able to view it.

To find a member with whom you are already friends, simply select the Friends icon (this looks like two people) and find their username. To search for a member on Togetherall who you are not already friends with, you can go to your messages by selecting the speech bubble icon. When you select the ‘Send Message’ button on the left a search box comes up allowing you to search all members on the site by their username. When you select their username it will take you to a message that is being sent to them.

To start a Message with another member:
  • Go to the member's profile page by selecting their username.
  • Use the 'Send Message' button and the message will be a private between you and the other member. Messages are not viewed by other members but are still visible to the Togetherall Team (Wall Guides).
  • View your Messages by using the icon on the homepage. The message icon looks like a square speech bubble, with three horizontal lines.
  • Message with a Wall Guide - If you have a problem or issue you feel unable to share in the community, you can start a private Message with a Wall Guide by selecting 'Ask a Wall Guide'.
  • Find your messages by selecting the message icon from your toolbar.
Our Wall Guides are able to see any messages that you send. If you wish to see their profile you can select their username and add them as a friend. They will need to accept your request before you can see their profile. If you are looking for a member who you can't remember the name of, but you wish to send a friend request, you can search Togetherall for a brick or Talkabout you remember them making. To find new friends on Togetherall simply browse the ‘Community’.

To go to your Account settings page, select your Togetherall profile picture /username. You can then select ‘My Account’. On your Account settings page you can change the following information: Email Address, Country, Time zone, Password, Email notification preferences, Consent to share questionnaire results with your healthcare provider, and Responses to our registration questions.

For the following profile management tools, you can ask a Wall Guide for assistance: Username, Gender, Ethnicity, and Date of birth. To contact the Wall Guides, select the ‘Ask a Wall Guide’ button to send a private message to our Wall Guide Team.

To change my mood: Go to the homepage and select 'How are you feeling today?' Choose one of the mood buttons.

When you join Togetherall as a member, you agree to our Terms of use, which includes the House Rules. Your acceptance of these terms indicates your understanding of these rules and your confirmation that you are at least 16 years of age.

Maintaining House Rules helps us to make sure that Togetherall works well for the entire community. Violation of House Rules will result in a warning or, in some cases, a loss of membership. As a member, you are taking responsibility for your actions and behavior on Togetherall.

The rules foster every member's ability to access the Wall for support, learning, and recovery in an anonymous and personal manner. It is important to remember that Togetherall is a support for, not a replacement of your life offline.

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