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About Togetherall

Find out more about what Togetherall offers, who can access, and how we keep you safe.
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Togetherall is a peer-to-peer mental health support community which is available online, 24/7, and is completely anonymous so you can express yourself freely and openly. Licensed and registered mental health practitioners, called Wall Guides, monitor the community to ensure the safety and anonymity of all members.

In addition to Togetherall's online community, you will have access to a wealth of useful resources and can work through tailored self-help courses covering topics such as anxiety, sleep, depression and many more.

Togetherall offers a range of activities that allow you to work through what's troubling you. Access an anonymous community of support available from members 24/7. Share your thoughts and join a Talkabout alongside fellow members to share and discuss what's on your mind, gain support and advice.

You can post a Talkabout to the whole community or form your own groups or one-to-one chats. If you prefer to express yourself and your feelings creatively, you can post a Brick by drawing or uploading your own images.

You can also find more information in Resources to help you understand more about how you are feeling, set goals, and track your progress. Take self-assessments to help you understand more about yourself or join our Courses with others to learn how to manage everything from depression and anxiety to improving your problem solving and avoiding procrastination.

Anyone who is aged 16 and over.

Togetherall is freely available through several different means. You may be able to access Togetherall for free through your local health authority, your post-secondary institution, or your employer. You can check to see if you have access on the ‘Register’ page, or by reaching out to your counseling center, student services department, your HR department, or your healthcare provider.

Anything that is causing people emotional distress. This can include anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, feeling low, or feeling out of control, to name a few. All of these may be triggered by life events such as the loss of a loved one, relationship breakdowns, employment related issues, financial crisis, sexuality, isolation, alcohol or drug-related problems.

The Togetherall peer-to-peer community is the main hub of support where individuals share their stories and experiences, engaging in conversations with other members of the community. Our Wall Guides are licensed and registered mental health practitioners who keep our members safe and help them feel they are not alone. They proactively respond to Togetherall members who are in crisis and provide them with support, which may involve helping them to seek local assistance from their doctor or therapist.

Wall Guides work to ensure that the anonymity of members is maintained and that any incidences of posts that seem to reveal the real identity of a member are reported. This requires that all comments and images be monitored to ensure that they conform to Togetherall’s House Rules.

Togetherall is only for adults 16 years and over. While we monitor for inappropriate content, our members are free to express their feelings about many issues that would be inappropriate for minors.

Togetherall has strict rules to ensure your safety. We have House Rules and the Privacy Policy that guide you on how to keep safe on the site. We advocate a policy of non-exchange of personal information or private contacts.

All new content generated by our members on the site, including Talkabouts and Bricks, are monitored 24/7 by registered mental health professionals, called Wall Guides. Any inappropriate behavior or language is immediately flagged to Wall Guides for moderation and response.

Specific behavior on the website will trigger a response by Wall Guides and an escalation process will be implemented. There is also a process where a member can click ‘Report’ in the platform to inform Togetherall of any inappropriate or concerning behavior.

Research has demonstrated that people tend to avoid sharing their troubles with friends, family, or healthcare professionals. For example, 50% never go to a doctor for fear of stigma. Men, in particular, are more hesitant to reveal how they feel or what's troubling them.

Togetherall provides an environment in which members feel safe and supported while remaining anonymous. Through our anonymity feature, you are free to talk about the things that matter to you without the fear of being judged or someone you know finding out.

Our previous name, 'Big White Wall,' was inspired by a displaced community in London, UK, who wrote their thoughts, feelings and messages of support on a wall before their homes were demolished.

In the summer of 2020, people came together globally to speak out against social and racial injustices. We then took the necessary decision to accelerate plans to change our name, as we felt that our name was no longer communicated our mission effectively. Rather than act as a barrier, it needed to carry a message that our community is inclusive, supportive and fosters togetherness. Changing our name was the right thing to do for our existing and future members. We're proud of what our new name -Togetherall - represents.

Togetherall is not a crisis service, if you require urgent mental health support, please visit our ‘In Crisis’ page. If you require additional local support outside of Togetherall this information can also be found here.

Togetherall is a digital mental health service, safe and anonymous, giving members access to a supportive community and a wealth of materials at any time of day or night. Access to Togetherall may depend on whether this part of our service is funded by your local health service, or your institution or organisation – you can check this through using the ‘Register’ button. We hope to welcome you to the supportive community soon.