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Last updated: 1 August 2020



Togetherall Community


Togetherall is a peer-support digital community that encourages you to be open about what is on your mind, learn more about yourself, and work through what is troubling you. For your protection and to help you to express yourself more freely, we provide an environment in which you can express yourself without disclosing information that identifies you personally.


Keep in mind that, while peer support can be helpful, it is not a substitute for medical advice or care from a licensed mental health practitioner. Call 911 or local emergency support if you are in crisis.


These House Rules, along with the Member Terms and Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Terms”) establish the rules for your use of the Site. By accessing and continuing to use the Site, you agree to be bound by the Terms, including these House Rules. Do not use the Site unless you are willing to abide by all of aspects of the Terms, including these rules.


As a member, you are responsible for your actions and behavior in the Togetherall community. Following our House Rules fosters every member’s ability to access the community for support, learning, and recovery in an anonymous and personal manner, and it helps to make sure that Togetherall works well for all our members. Violation of House Rules qualifies as a violation of our Terms of Service, and it may result in a warning, a temporary suspension, a loss of membership, removal or editing content that you have uploaded, or other appropriate action.



House Rules


1. Keep it in the Community.


a) Do not post any content or images posted by another Togetherall member on any other website or platform.


b) Do not share any content or images posted by another Togetherall member with non-members.


2. Keep your identity private.


a) When you use the Site, you must not use or disclose in any way your real name and/or any details by which you could be identified (including your address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, or location information, e.g., where you receive healthcare etc.) or the Personal Information of others, including their names. Your User Name should not contain your first or last name, or any nicknames you are known by or have been known by. Do not use a user name that you have used on another Internet site.


b) Do not share any contact details about yourself or your family or friends, in any of your interactions with other members. This includes names, login details, specific areas or towns in which you live, residential or work addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, current or past employers, where you bank, your current or past school, or specific places you visit.


c) Do not share information about any social media sites you use or visit or your social media handles.


d) Do not share or upload photographs of yourself, family members, friends, or other images that may identify where you live or visit, including onto bricks or avatars.


e) If you are in doubt about whether sharing something could result in other members learning your identity, avoid sharing it or reach out to a Wall Guide.


3. Don’t identify other people (directly or indirectly).


a) Don’t choose a user name that could lead other members to mistake you for someone else.


b) Do not ask or try to discover or reveal the identity of another member.


c) Do not share identifiable information about any specific individual, even if you think that you may know the person outside of the Togetherall Community.


d) Do not share information about any specific organization that can be used to identify you (e.g., your employer, school, etc.).


e) Do not upload photographs of real people, including onto bricks or avatars.


f) Do not impersonate other people, either real or fictitious. This includes Wall Guides or other Togetherall staff members. Just be yourself.


g) If you’re not sure whether sharing something could reveal someone else’s identity, avoid sharing it or reach out to a Wall Guide.


4. Responding to concerns about community members in crisis.


a) We take a variety of steps to prevent Wall Guides from learning members’ true identity and, other than your user name, Wall Guides do not routinely have access to the details you provide when you become a member. When you provide a Wall Guide with information that identifies you, our goal is to delete that information from your account and our systems whenever possible.


b) However, if we have serious and immediate concerns about your safety or the safety of others, Wall Guides may follow a specific process to seek identifying information from you. Wall Guides use this information to connect the member with local resources that may help keep the member and others safe and, in certain circumstances, to escalate concerns about a member to a senior staff member.


c) If a member is unable to confirm their safety or we do not hear back from them, we may give any information we do have to emergency services, including information you provided when signing up for your membership (such as a zip code, phone number or date of birth) and any relevant information that you provided to the Wall Guide or in the community. We would do this with the intention of helping and keeping members safe.


d) Unless we feel it’s not safe to do so, we will let you know what actions we are taking when possible.


e) Remember, Togetherall, its Wall Guides, and other staff members do not provide medical assistance or advice. If you are in an emergency or crisis situation and you are located in the United States, please immediately dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If you are outside of the United States, please immediately dial your country’s emergency number.


5. Allow Yourself to be Supported


a) Ask for support from other members if you want to. Give yourself permission to be comforted and supported in the community. Be appreciative when other members support you. Let other members know what you find more or less helpful.


b) Express yourself fully and honestly. Share with others what you are comfortable sharing (while omitting details that could identify you) and take responsibility for what you share.


6. Support Others


a) Treat others with respect and sincerity. Listen to other members. Ask open-ended questions and offer constructive feedback.


b) Share helpful experiences and insights.


c) Offer reasonable choices and advice to others, remembering that ultimately all members have to make up their own minds about what is best for them.


d) Try and follow up with members in the community when you have engaged with them. Keep your commitments as best you can.


e) Be mindful of others. Remember many members are emotionally vulnerable, so don’t post content that may provoke others to harm themselves or others. Consider how a posting or image might affect vulnerable members before sharing.


7. Promote and Maintain a Safe Environment in the Community


a) Only post or upload content that is in compliance with House Rules. Please review our guidelines regarding Prohibited Images and Content, below. If in doubt or unsure if the image or content you would like to share is okay, please check with the Wall Guide team before posting.


b) Report any of the following using the ‘Report’ or ‘Ask a Wall Guide’ buttons. We consider all reported content or incidents carefully. Please note: Wall Guides will NOT tell other members that you contacted them. Report:


i) Members that appear to be at immediate risk of harming themselves or anyone else.


ii) Threats you perceive to yourself or other members or inappropriate behavior.


iii) Observed violations of House Rules.


c) You are limited to one identity or account per member. Please do not attempt to set up more than one. If you should have a problem with your account, please contact the Togetherall support team using the contact form. If you are found to have more than one account, it will be shut down and you risk suspension or termination of your account. If your account has been suspended or terminated by Togetherall, any additional or future accounts will be permanently blocked without warning.


d) Avoid Prohibited Images and Content. The following images or content are not allowed on the Wall.


i) Any images or photographs of real persons.


ii) Images or postings that may provoke harmful impulses in other members or prevent their recovery. This includes (without limitation) detailed descriptions or images of methods of self-harm and/or suicide.


iii) Images that may be interpreted as promoting or glamorizing eating disorders.


iv) Images of a graphic nature.


v) Content or images that may foster abuse or violence of any kind.


vi) Any derogatory content or content that supports bullying, intimidation, harassment, hate speech, sexism, racism, stereotyping, or that targets others’ religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.


vii) Pornography or sexually explicit material.


viii) Material that is intended or likely to shock, upset, or offend others.


ix) Content related to specific substances, medications, dosages, or medical procedures. Togetherall is not the place to seek or share medical advice.


x) Content that mentions specific body weights as this may increase the vulnerability of persons struggling with disordered eating.


xi) Content promoting or indicating intent to commit an illegal act.


xii) Content or images advertising or otherwise promoting goods or services.


xiii) Content or images posted for a commercial purpose.


xiv) Solicitations for donations, including sharing account information for money exchange apps or crowdfunding websites.


xv) Any hyperlinks to or URL addresses of websites outside of Togetherall. Togetherall does not endorse any outside websites.


xvi) Any copyrighted material or content that infringes on another’s intellectual property. In other words, if you didn’t create it yourself, then don’t post or upload it.


xvii) Any content that was previously removed by a user or Wall Guide. Please do not repost content that a user or Wall Guide has determined does not belong in the community.


e) Please get in touch with us using the contact form with any comments, suggestions, or concerns. For any issues that may jeopardize the safety on the wall or a member, please contact a Wall Guide. Please note that any information you provide through the Contact Form may be accessed by Togetherall team members located outside the United States.

This site is not intended for individuals in an emergency. If you are in a life-threatening situation, please immediately dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Further crisis help can be found here.

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