We are Togetherall

We are delighted to unveil the new name of our business and service: Togetherall.
Togetherall Graphic with Togetherall platform on laptop and smartphone

We thank all those – our members, commissioning partners, staff, investors, mental health professionals and clinicians – who were so readily involved in the research and conversations that took place as we searched for our new name. Your input has been invaluable.

In the process of our research into what really resonates with our members, we discovered that – amongst everything our community has to offer – there are two aspects of our service that really stand out:

  • We are dedicated to bringing people together
  • We all have to look after our mental health, and we are welcoming to all

This is what Togetherall means to us.

The process of finding a new name has taken time. We decided in January this year that our name needed to change as part of our ongoing strategy of ensuring our service is as good as it can be in these changing times. In 2019 we recruited a new CEO and rebuilt our leadership team. In February 2020 we launched our new platform to significantly enhance member experience and give us the capacity to really grow our reach and impact.

The name ‘Big White Wall’ was originally inspired by the displacement of a community in London, UK, who wrote their thoughts and feelings on the walls of their buildings before their homes were demolished and rebuilt. Our name represented opportunity and a blank space to say what you are truly thinking.

All businesses must grow and evolve and in the 12 years since we launched our platform, we’ve expanded our services and grown a vibrant and welcoming community in the UK, New Zealand, Canada and the United States with an extensive clinical team on hand to provide support whenever needed. On the platform, our members are able to express themselves anonymously, freely and creatively, have the opportunity to support their peers as part of their journey to recovery and can access online courses and resources.

We live in a world where it’s important to provide a place of safety without judgement for all people, as highlighted more recently by the social justice movements across the globe. Rather than act as a barrier, we needed a name that communicated a message of belonging to all, regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, national origin, race, religious belief, sex, or sexual orientation.

We believe that the name ‘Togetherall’ speaks to the true inclusivity of our service, where all are truly welcome.

Our service has not changed. Togetherall will continue to bring together people from all walks of life in a safe, vibrant digital community harnessing the protective and therapeutic effects of connectedness and healthy social networks.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come and what we have achieved since our first members created their bricks in 2008, and we will continue to support our community long into the future.

We hope you will join us.