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Togetherall Trained Peers Program

Gain real-world mental health experience and a mental health certification in a self-paced, 10-week online program.

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My Experience as a Togetherall Trained Peer

Listen to the experiences, insights, and knowledge a former Togetherall Trained Peer gained during her time in the program.

What does the program involve?

  • 10-week online self-paced training program

  • Minimum commitment of 10 hours or 1 hour a week

  • Exposure to all kinds of people and experiences from around the world

  • Direct interaction with clinicians to keep a global community safe, anonymous and vibrant

  • Roundtable discussions with fellow peers and clinicians to share experiences, get support, and network

Why you should get involved

You'll gain...

  • Real-world mental health experience and peer support training

  • Mentorship, training and supervision from senior clinicians

  • A mental health credential for your resume, grad school applications, and LinkedIn

  • An understanding of the emerging and impactful world of digital mental health

  • An opportunity to contribute to a social impact mission and increase awareness of available support on your campus

Get involved

We'd love for you to apply to the Trained Peers Program if you fit ANY of the below items

  • You are interested in exploring career opportunities in the mental health space

  • You have the capacity to work 1 hour a week for 10 weeks as a Togetherall Trained Peer this semester

Previous Trained Peers cohorts come from a variety of different backgrounds including:

  • Interested in exploring career opportunities in the mental health space

  • Social science or public health majors like psychology, social work, etc

  • Worked as a peer educators on campus

  • Have lived experience you want to share with others to support, engage and inspire

  • Completed Mental Health First Aid or Active Minds V-A-R

What happens after the 10-week program?

  • You get a Trained Peer credential that can be put on your resume, grad or post-grad applications, and LinkedIn

  • You can apply for a voluntary, expanded Trained Peer role within Togetherall with focus in mentorship or mental health advocacy

Interested in becoming a Togetherall Trained Peer?

To apply for the program, fill out the form below. 

Apply for the Togetherall Trained Peers Program today

The number of Trained Peer slots is dependent on your institution’s partnership with Togetherall. Once you’ve applied, Togetherall will get in touch with you to share next steps.