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Togetherall Service Specification


This Service Specification (the “Specification”) describes the services that Togetherall Inc. (“Togetherall”) will provide to the Customer (“Customer”), including the Togetherall services commissioned by Customer and how and to whom such services will be delivered.

This Specification, along with the Customer Terms and Conditions, are incorporated by reference into any Service Agreement and Order (an “Agreement”) executed by the parties and form an integral part of each such Agreement.


1. Definitions.  Capitalized terms not defined herein have the meaning set forth in the Customer Terms and Conditions.


2. Background.  Togetherall provides an online Community known as the Support Network that serves as a well-being platform for individuals aged 16 and over.  Individuals who are designated by Customer (e.g., Customer’s students, faculty, staff, employees) are eligible to register to join the Support Network on Togetherall’s website at www.togetherall.com (the “Site”), utilize the Site’s self-help resources, and support each other in an environment designed to be safe and confidential. Trained professionals monitor forums and activity on the Site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (“24x7x365”). Members also have access to a range of courses, self-help materials, assessments and resources to self-manage their mental health.


3. Togetherall Support Services Obligations

3.1. Commencing on the “Commencement Date” of the Agreement and continuing through its Term, Togetherall will offer the Support Network/Support Services described below to individuals designated by Customer as eligible to receive such services (prospective “Users”).

3.2. Togetherall’s Support Network, described below, will be available to all Users who join the Support Network Community by registering for the Support Services and activating their account.

3.3. The Support Network will offer Users peer-to-peer and community support as well as a range of tools for users to self-manage and seek support including:

3.3.1. Peer-to-peer support forums. Users initiate or join existing forums on topics ranging from depression and anxiety to relationship issues, work stress, physical health concerns, among others.

3.3.2. Peer-to-peer groups.  Users form ‘invitation-only’ forums to talk to a selected group.

3.3.3. Togetherall/Expression. Employing art and writing, Users express themselves on “bricks” or other User content posted to the Site, which they can choose to share and discuss the underlying “story” or share with the Community;

3.3.4. Self-directed courses and assessments. Users have access to a wide range of resources, including self-assessment tools and self-help courses that address wellbeing and mental health.

3.4. Users will have 24/7/365 access to the Support Network for the Term of the Agreement and may utilize Support Services as frequently and for as long as they choose within that period.

3.5. Trained professionals (“Guides”) will monitor Site forums and activity 24x7x365.

3.6. Guides will be supervised by and have access to Togetherall professionals  for clinical back-up at all times.

3.7. User safety is regulated by 24/7 monitoring and content moderation undertaken by trained staff using algorithms, watchwords, and clinical indicators to identify Users who have urgent or high-level needs requiring prompt attention.

3.8. Togetherall maintains and enforce governance, risk management and quality assurance policies and procedures.

3.9. Community norms are informed by House Rules and Togetherall’s content moderation practices.

3.10. Guides have the ability to remove any content, remove or mute Members and follow other governance, escalation and risk management procedures – such as reaching out to emergency services when indicated.

3.11. Togetherall regularly consults the Community regarding the development and utility of Service features, using a variety of mechanisms to engage the Community in enhancing the Support Network.


4. Togetherall Management Services Obligations

4.1. Service Outcomes, Evaluation and Reporting.  Togetherall will provide the following information to Customer:

4.1.1. Engagement and User profile information in aggregate, including:

–  The socio-demographic profile of Users (including age, gender, ethnicity);

– User referral information describing how Users heard about the Support Network (e.g., Customer marketing and awareness campaigns, counsellors, supervisors, social media etc.); and

– Relative engagement of Users by referral source.

4.1.2. Activity patterns, including:

– Aggregated User activity reports, including metrics on the use frequency and volume, usage patterns including average session length and page view data.

– Referrals to other in Customer’s care pathway services from Togetherall and vice versa.

4.1.3. Outcomes assessment including:

– Utility data based on User reported outcomes (i.e., has your wellbeing improved);

– User outcome attribution (i.e., the extent to which users attribute improvements in wellbeing to the Services).


5. Customer Obligations

5.1. Customer is responsible for promoting Togetherall’s Support Network to prospective Users, using materials and training provided by Togetherall.

5.2. Customer will provide a key point of contact (“Customer Implementation Lead”), authorized to make decisions and act on behalf of Customer in connection with this Agreement.  The Customer Implementation Lead will:

5.2.1. Serve as Customer’s primary liaison with Togetherall;

5.2.2. In consultation with Togetherall, develop and implement an agreed marketing and take up strategy, including timelines and milestones to ensure take up of Customer’s Support Network subscriptions.

5.2.3. Within two weeks of the Commencement Date, acquire and deliver any agreed upon validation information (i.e. postal code data, eligible email domains, etc.) to enable self-referral and facilitate prospective User’s registration for the Support Network.


6. Privacy and Security.  During the registration and activation process, prospective Users provide minimal Personal Information    To protect Member privacy, the Member Terms, which includes the House Rules and Privacy Policy  (collectively, the “Member Terms”) require Users to create and use a non-identifying “User Name” and prohibits them from disclosing, uploading, or posting information that can be used to identify themselves or others.