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Through working with our colleagues within the post-secondary system in London, with the local CMHA, and technology partners like Togetherall, we have been able to promote a number of resources that students can connect with to support mental health...

Joe Henry – Dean of Students, King’s University College, London, Ontario we move forward past the pandemic I think collaborations will allow for the emergence of new and more improved options in support of student mental health on and off campus.

Joe Henry – Dean of Students, King’s University College, London, Ontario

Ontario Shores has been a proud champion of Togetherall. As a leading mental health care hospital in Ontario, we saw how this platform could help those in our communities who struggle with the devastating impacts of mental illness...

Karim Mamdani – President & CEO, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

Ontario Shores was pleased to collaborate with Togetherall and other partners in our community to bring this service to those in need of support. This innovative online platform provides a supportive community, education and guided self-help programs...

Karim Mamdani – President & CEO, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

...that can be instrumental in reducing social isolation for people struggling with anxiety and depression. I am encouraged by the way in which platforms such as Togetherall are maximizing technology to deliver services in a way that is both accessible and supportive.

Karim Mamdani – President & CEO, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

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I’ve got deadlines coming out of my ears and exams looming for a course I’m not even sure I want to do anymore. Can anyone else relate?

Stress whilst studying

I guess it takes as long as it takes, but it’s having an effect on every part of my life… they say time is a healer – I really hope that’s true.

Coping with loss

I’ve been on a particular medication for a few weeks and struggling with some of the side effects. Just want to know what working for some of you.

Side effects of medication

Reading everyone’s stories of coping with illness has given me a bit of inspiration to get out the house for a walk today. Keep going everyone, it’s the little things that help!

Dealing with chronic illness

My friend told me today that she quite often feels completely alone. I try so hard to keep connected with her and hate to think of her feeling isolated. How can I make her feel better without breaking down myself?


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