Alberta Veterinary Technologist Association (ABVTA) provides peer-to-peer support community for veterinary technologists across the province

ABVTA integrates 24/7 clinically moderated peer support into mental health support options

We are excited to announce that all registered veterinary technologists (RVTs) and animal health/veterinary technology students who are members of the Alberta Veterinary Technologist Association (ABVTA) can now access Togetherall, a safe and anonymous space in which individuals benefit from an online peer-to-peer community by giving and getting support 24/7.  

The ABVTA is the voice of veterinary technologists in Alberta. They advocate for the role of registered veterinary technologists (RVTs) within the profession, provide professional development, and enhance animal welfare through advocacy for high-quality veterinary medicine and regulations.

ABVTA members faced several challenges that prompted the Association’s consideration of Togetherall. Some members expressed concerns about accessing non-anonymous services available to them. Additionally, while some members sought peer support through social media and other unmoderated platforms, ABVTA had concern around the high degree of risk associated with information sharing and receiving. As well as being anonymous, Togetherall’s platform is overseen by licensed clinicians round-the-clock, ensuring the community stays safe and vibrant.

Vanessa George, RVT and ABVTA Executive Director, spoke to the importance of Togetherall’s clinical moderation:

As veterinary professionals, our expertise lies in animal care, not mental health. Therefore, the presence of clinical moderation is crucial for ABVTA. We prioritize providing our members with the best possible care, which includes access to professional help and support. When evaluating other services, the availability of clinical moderation stood out as a key factor, ensuring that our members receive the assistance they deserve.

In addition to Togetherall, ABVTA offers various mental health professional and personal development. They conduct informative sessions that raise awareness about mental health, emphasizing the significance of psychological wellbeing in creating safe and supportive workplaces and teams. Their initiatives also prioritize overall wellness, promoting a holistic approach to mental health for members.

Speaking to the integration of Togetherall alongside their existing services, George said,

The inclusion of a peer support model has been a topic of discussion within our board for several years. This is where Togetherall proves to be an excellent option, as it offers the ideal platform that prioritizes safety, privacy, and the much-needed peer support our members seek. By partnering with Togetherall, we can seamlessly integrate this valuable resource alongside our existing offerings, ensuring comprehensive support for our members’ mental health and wellbeing.

Looking forward to the future and a nurturing, supportive partnership with Togetherall, George said:

We are excited to partner with Togetherall, as their anonymous, peer-to-peer model aligns with our mission. By providing a safe and confidential space, Togetherall cultivates a supportive community for our members, engaging them to navigate challenges and extend help to others. With 24/7 availability and professional monitoring, this platform offers invaluable support from Wall Guides and mental health clinicians. Together, we strive to promote well-being and foster resilience within our veterinary community.

We look forward to partnering with ABVTA and supporting their veterinary technologists throughout 2023 and beyond.

If you are interested in offering safe and scalable ways to support your peoples’ mental health, contact us to find out more about Togetherall’s online support community.