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Information about Cookies on Togetherall website


Cookie Type Description, and effect of turning off Retention Period
Standard .net session cookies Sessions are stored per-user in memory on the server. Sessions use a cookie (session key) to tie the user to the session. This means no “sensitive” data is stored in the cookie on the users machine.Turning off is possible and would cause session id to be passed in URL. Short termed – while the session is active.
User reminders cookies ‘Bookmarking’ brick carousel position. Switching off will display bricks differently.

Saving Guided Support (GS) course tracker last access time so it can be used for reminder on GS course (“Don’t forget to complete your course tracker every day.”). Switching off will affect functionality of GS courses.

1 day
Google Analytics Sends anonymous, aggregate reports about Site usage to Togetherall. For more information click here. Switching off will not impact site performance. For more information, review Data Policies on GA site provided in the description
Facebook and Addthis Cookies Facebook and Addthis Cookies Facebook and AddThis can be used to post a link to the Site’s homepage on Facebook. Switching off these cookies will disable the use of this feature.

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Information about Cookies on our Togetherall service


Cookie Type Description, and effect of turning off Retention Period
Auth cookies We use this cookie to keep you signed into our service and keep track of your account as you browse through different parts of the site. End of session
Consent cookie We use this cookie to store whether you have consented to cookies. End of session
Session tracker cookie We use this for analytics i.e. to track which URLs the user has visited within a session period of 30 mins. Refreshes every 30 minutes
Last interaction time cookie We use this cookie to check you are active and log you out if you are inactive for 30 minutes. End of session


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