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Free Mental Health support for all UK Military Veterans and their family members.

Togetherall is a safe, online community where people support each other anonymously to improve mental health and wellbeing.

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  • 24/7 clinical moderation

    Managed by clinicians and monitored 24/7 by professionals, Togetherall provides a rigorous support network.

  • Free for patients

    Our service has been commissioned by the MOD & NHS England to enhance the existing mental health support in your area for Military Veterans and family members.

  • Instant access

    There is no waiting list. Patients can simply search and click register to get support from our vibrant and welcoming community.

It can be an easy first step for those that find it hard to access services or raise that they need help.

Armed Forces Personnel, Anonymous Togetherall Member

When might you refer someone to Togetherall?

  • Patients who are Military Veterans or their family members in your area aged 16+

  • Those looking to talk to someone but may be hesitant about “clinical” treatment

  • Someone who may benefit from anonymous support as they don’t feel comfortable seeking or receiving face-to-face support

  • Someone looking for support between sessions/treatment

  • Someone has an extended wait time until their first session with a therapist

How can I refer patients to Togetherall?

  • Simply direct your patients to and click ‘Register’ where they select 'I am part of the UK Armed Forces community'.

  • Use our promotional materials to let your communities know about the support available.

Promotional materials

Printable letter

This is a simple one-page printable document outlining the Togetherall service for patients.

Download here

Interactive PDF

This can be emailed to patients to provide more information about Togetherall.

Download here

Frequently asked questions

Through our partnership with the MOD & NHS England Togetherall is available to all members of the UK Armed Forces (regulars and reservists), Veterans and their family members.

Togetherall members share and discuss a wide range of topics including depression, anxiety, adjustment to life events, PTSD, problems sleeping, relationship problems, grief and loss, parenting struggles, and work-life balance.

• Patients looking for one-to-one support.
• Patients in acute distress.
• Patients in crisis and need urgent assistance.

Togetherall is offered on desktop and is a mobile-responsive website (

• Users will register on with their email and receive an email from togetherall to activate their account
• Users will create an anonymous username and be asked a few questions about themselves before logging into Togetherall.
• Once logged into Togetherall with their new username, they can share their experiences, comment on others’ stories, create art, join courses and take self-assessments and courses.

• Direct them to visit and click on ‘register’ to create an account with Togetherall.
• Share the Togetherall interactive flyer for more information
• Direct any additional Togetherall questions to the main website and ‘contact us page’

Yes, the Togetherall community is anonymous, and all interactions between members are anonymous. All usernames should not contain a first or last name, or any nicknames members have been known by. Our team of trained professionals (Wall Guides) monitor the community at all times to protect and maintain the anonymity of our members.

However, if there are times that we have serious and immediate concerns for the safety of members, we do have a process where Wall Guides may seek identifying information from a member we are concerned about. This is limited to circumstances where there are serious concerns about the safety of the member or others in the community.

of Armed Forces members surveyed, felt Togetherall has made a positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

members of the Armed Forces community have been supported by Togetherall.

of veterans reported that they didn’t require further mental health support following engagement with Togetherall.