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Big White Wall, now Togetherall

A safe community to support your mental health, 24/7


Why the name change?

As well as reflecting that our community brings people together, our new name, Togetherall, reflects that our community is a place of safety for all people, without fear of judgement. We would like to thank our members, clients, stakeholders and staff who provided input during the process of changing our name from Big White Wall.

Our Service is the same

  • Clinical Expertise

    We have clinicians and health professionals available for those who need it. This is a wellbeing service for those who are going through a tough time.

  • Online Community

    Accessible to many we provide a platform for peer to peer support. We offer online support by providing self-help courses and 'wall guides'.

  • Safe Space

    Our support network is moderated 24/7 by trained practitioners who keep our members safe, and facilitate the process of people helping people in an online environment.

What is available to you?

Togetherall is a unique mental health service offering an anonymous and safe support community, moderated by professionals and counsellors. Whether you have been referred by the NHS, your college or university, through the armed forces or your organisation, we provide a range of self-guided support through our 24/7 online community and access to dedicated courses, resources and assessments designed to help you set goals and work through them in a safe supportive environment.

Find out more about Togetherall

This video shows you what functionality you have access to as a Togetherall member.