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Togetherall releases new Groups feature

The feature will allow members to connect, share, and support each other in smaller spaces and on topics that matter to them.

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Podcast: NHS Confederation’s Matthew Taylor talks with Gregor Henderson

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, Togetherall Strategic Advisor Gregor Henderson joins the Health on the Line Podcast with NHS Confederation Chief Executive, Matthew Taylor.

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Stress Awareness Month: How do we build resilience and long-term coping skills?

In the last of a four-part blog series covering all aspects of stress, we share the ways in which we can build a toolkit of coping tools that will help us to handle stress long-term.

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Stress Awareness Month: How can we get through moments of high stress?

In the third of a four-part blog series covering all aspects of stress, we share some tips on coping when you're feeling overwhelmed or burnt out from a stressful situation.

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Stress Awareness Month: How does stress manifest in our bodies?

In the second of a four-part blog series covering all aspects of stress, we take a deeper look at the body's biological response to stress and what prolonged or overwhelming stress can do to us both mentally and physically.

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Stress Awareness Month: Where does stress come from and what causes stress? 

In the first of a four-part blog series covering all aspects of stress, we examine what causes stress in our lives and how too much stress can negatively impact our health.

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Eating disorders - A conversation with Togetherall and Orri

Togetherall’s Jon Jones speaks with Orri founder and CEO, Kerrie Jones, about the signs to look out for, and the best ways to support someone who may be struggling with an eating disorder.

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ICS development: the digital opportunity to improve population mental health

As ICSs prepare for launch, Gregor Henderson outlines how integration and digital solutions can help improve population mental health at scale locally

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How The Glasgow School of Art implemented Togetherall to increase outreach

The prestigious art school used Togetherall alongside internal initiatives to encourage the self-management of mental health.

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