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Commissioned by over 250 organisations globally, we’re an online service providing access to millions with anxiety, depression and other common mental health issues.

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Why Togetherall works

Clinical expertise

Clinically managed and designed to support those with mild to moderate need, while having the infrastructure to case manage individuals at risk

Healthy community

Our vibrant community can scale to any population, offering a proven way to get better together through peer to peer, anonymous conversation

Safe solution

Moderated 24/7 by trained practitioners who keep our members safe, and facilitate the process of people helping people in an online environment

The power of peer-to-peer support

Togetherall harnesses the protective and therapeutic effects of connectedness and healthy social networks in its unique community where people share with, and support each other. The evidence is convincing, the wider determinants of health such as the communities in which we exist have a more beneficial impact than individual lifestyle factors and health behaviours. Innovative technology, and first class clinical teams and trained moderators, create a unique environment for members to lead their own recovery.

The charter we live by

Everything we do links back to 3 core principles:

Access for many

We aim to help as many people as possible, with no discrimination

Measurable impact

We want to improve the mental wellbeing of members and deliver real benefit to commissioning organisations


We follow a financially self-reliant business model with the ability to attract investment to meet our ambitions

Find out more about our Social Charter

Our CEO, Henry Jones talks about the purpose behind the work we do and why our impact is more important than ever.

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We’re here for the long haul

In 2008, stigma around mental health was widespread and there was a complete lack of safe, judgement-free spaces to talk about depression and anxiety. We started with the idea of combining emerging online forums where people supported one another and clinical support, and shortly expanded our service to include creative tools, courses and web-based therapy. Over a decade later, we have a vibrant community and an extensive clinical team to provide much needed 24 hour support to expanding populations. We are backed by Impact Ventures UK, the pioneering investment fund that enables purpose-driven businesses to scale and achieve their potential.

Why are we called Togetherall? Formerly Big White Wall, our new name Togetherall represents our community, which is open and inclusive to all people. We believe it’s important to provide a place of safety without judgement for people to get together to support each other, whilst also recognising mental health does not discriminate; we all have to look after it.

Who We Are

Henry Jones Chief Executive,
Dr Tim Rogers Clinical Director,
Funmi Alassan Chief Product Officer,
Yuval Attias Chief Revenue Officer,
Steph Evans Chief Operating Officer,
Elizabetta Camilleri Chair,
Matthew McEvoy Senior VP & General Manager, North America,
Maggie Wright Chief Financial Officer,
Suzie Cullen Chief Marketing Officer,
Patrick Gleeson Finance Director,
Nenad Cizmic Head of Technology,

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Talk to our team about how we can provide online mental health support to your population.


This site is not intended for individuals in an emergency. If you are in a life-threatening situation in the UK, please immediately dial 999 or go to your nearest Accident and Emergency department (A&E). If you are in a life-threatening situation in New Zealand, please immediately dial 111 or go to your nearest hospital emergency department (ED). Further crisis help can be found here.

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