Togetherall Talks podcast with Active Minds’ Laura Horne

Chief Program Officer at Active Minds, Laura Horne, discusses the change in attitudes towards student mental health and the value of peer support in helping people to navigate uncertainty.

In this podcast, from our series, Togetherall Talks, host Sam Stone talks to Laura Horne, Chief Program Officer at US mental health non-profit, Active Minds.

Having begun her career in public health through an internship, Laura worked at a national organisation that focused on reducing chronic disease at a community level before joining Active Minds in 2013.

Laura discusses the positive and negative impact of social media for today’s students, reaching marginalised groups, and the importance of peer support in helping students to navigate their experiences.

“When we zoom out and think about mental health and wellbeing as a full spectrum from distress all the way to flourishing, we’re all somewhere on that spectrum and we can all embrace mental health.”

Laura Horne, Chief Program Officer at Active Minds

This is the second episode in the Togetherall Talks series, where Sam speaks to experts, advocates, and her student peers about the benefits of sharing experiences and the power that stigma-free conversations about mental health can have. You can listen to the first episode here.

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Active Minds

Active Minds was founded in 2003 by Alison Malmon following the suicide of her older brother. Now with over 600 chapters and a presence in more than 1,000 campuses and communities across the United States, Active Minds directly reach more than 1.9 million people each year through awareness campaigns, events, advocacy, outreach, and more. They are amplifying the message that “mental health needs to be talked about as easily as physical health.”

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