Orbit Group renews partnership with Togetherall upon fifth year of success providing digital peer support for their residents

Orbit Group residents can rest easy knowing they’ll still have access to 24/7 digital peer support

We are thrilled to announce that, as we enter our fifth year of thriving collaboration, Orbit Group has renewed their partnership with Togetherall, meaning their residents can continue to give and receive mental health support within Togetherall’s digital peer support community. Togetherall is a safe and anonymous online space where individuals can connect with a global community of peers through shared lived experiences, available 24/7/365 and moderated around-the-clock by real, live, licensed clinicians.

Orbit Group is one of the UK’s foremost housing groups, managing a portfolio of high-quality, safe, and affordable homes for more than 100,000 customers. Socially driven and commercially minded, they are a not-for-profit organisation committed to creating a better society, building affordable homes and communities, and to do so in more socially responsible and sustainable ways.

Staying true to the root of their mission – community, sanctuary, safety, and thriving – Orbit partnered with Togetherall in 2020 to provide their residents with a digital mental health service that allowed residents to connect with one another about similar everyday challenges they might encounter, while also boosting connectedness and combatting loneliness.

Orbit residents can access the platform via its Better Days programme which offers a range of free services to every customer designed to support financial and digital inclusion, mental wellbeing, employment, and skills.

Now entering their fifth year of partnership with Togetherall, Orbit’s engaged residents on the platform have presented with the following breakdown:

  • 63% live alone or are a single parent
  • 50% are unemployed or unable to work due to illness or disability
  • 63% are not accessing any other formal support
  • 27% attempted to end their life in the 6 months before joining Togetherall
  • 57% had 1:1 interactions with Togetherall clinicians

Togetherall was created to support exactly these kinds of populations, and it makes sense why our service works in harmony with Orbit’s residents in their communities. Anonymity of users’ identities is an important on the platform in breaking down barriers to help-seeking. As 63% of residents using Togetherall’s service aren’t seeking any other form of formal support, it speaks to the significance of the mental health support they’re getting from the platform.

“We are thrilled to renew our successful partnership with Togetherall, a leading digital mental health service. This collaboration signifies our commitment to providing accessible, supportive, and community-driven mental health solutions. Together, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers to mental health support and fostering a safe, inclusive environment where everyone can share, listen, and support each other. Our partnership with Togetherall demonstrates our shared belief in the power of community in promoting well-being.”

– Helen Gleadell, Better Days Manager for Orbit

“Working in partnership with Orbit has been fantastic, and we are thrilled to continue supporting their residents with digital peer support. Orbit’s team has been so driven to work collaboratively and to integrate our service within their pathways of care. Providing digital peer support for Orbit’s residents has allowed us to reach and engage individuals that may not have otherwise come forward for mental health support, helping to combat loneliness and isolation. We look forward to an ongoing fruitful partnership and continuing to provide a safe, online community for Orbit’s residents.”

– Matthew McEvoy, CEO of Togetherall

We are thrilled to renew our partnership with Orbit and continue to their residents in over 47,000 properties across the UK.

About Togetherall

Established in 2007, Togetherall is available to more than 20 million individuals worldwide. Togetherall is the leading clinically managed, peer-to-peer, online support community where members can share what’s on their minds, anonymously, safely, and in-the-moment, 24/7/365. Members can connect through shared lived experiences with a global network of peers, backed by the safeguarding of real, live, licensed clinicians overseeing the community around-the-clock. These clinicians empower individuals in peer support and foster and maintain a safe, vibrant environment.

If you are interested in offering safe and scalable ways to support your people’s mental health,contact us to find out more about Togetherall’s online community.