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Togetherall Trained Peers Program

Gain real-world mental health experience and a mental health certification in a self-paced, 10-week online program.

What does the program involve?

The 10-week, remote program offers a digital peer support training experience on Togetherall, supervised 24/7 by registered mental health practitioners. As a Trained Peer, you will…

  • Provide real-time support to individuals from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life
  • Attend group-facilitated discussions with fellow peers and clinicians for mentorship
  • Advocate for mental health awareness and access in your community
  • Spend a total of about 15 hours over 10 weeks working toward your certification

What you'll gain from being a Trained Peer

  • Real-world mental health experience and peer support training

  • A mental health credential for your resume, grad school applications, and LinkedIn

  • An opportunity to help others and increase awareness of available supports in your community

Hear from a previous Trained Peer

Ministry of Defence

Listen to the experiences, insights, and knowledge a former Togetherall Trained Peer gained during her time in the program.

Trained Peers by the numbers

Previous Trained Peers come from a variety of backgrounds, including:

  • An interest in exploring career opportunities in the mental health space
  • Peer education or wellness promotion
  • A lived experience that they want to share with others to support and inspire

Apply if you…

  • Have 1-2 hours per week of capacity

  • Have completed a previous mental health training or have some baseline mental health knowledge. See below for more detail.

Trained Peers are required to have some background in mental health before they join the program. This could consist of enrollment in a related program (such as Psychology or Social Work), Mental Health First Aid training, or the Be There Certification.

Unsure if you’re eligible?

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Interested in becoming a Togetherall Trained Peer?

To apply for the program, fill out the form below. 

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The number of Trained Peer slots is dependent on your institution’s partnership with Togetherall. Once you’ve applied, Togetherall will get in touch with you to share next steps.