Consumer brand Love Hemp chooses Togetherall to support customers’ mental health

Love Hemp, the UK’s leading CBD product supplier, is now providing free Togetherall access to its newsletter subscribers.
Togetherall Graphic with Love Hemp Logo

It means their customers aged 16 or over can get support from Togetherall’s community when they need it.

Love Hemp Group is a publicly-listed company producing and supplying more than 40 product lines, including oils, sprays other CBD items. Its products sell in around 2,000 UK stores and via well-known retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Boots, Ocado and Holland & Barrett.

The importance of wellness

In its announcement, the company said that it wants to provide its customers with tools to help improve their health and wellbeing in all aspects of their lives. Togetherall offers a way for people to open up and share how they are feeling and by connecting with others to seek and provide support in a safe and anonymous way.

The partnership is one that Love Hemp’s CEO, Tony Calamita, was keen to pursue. “Mental health has always been something that has been quite close to home for me and has felt like the silent epidemic,” he said, talking about the launch. “The team at Love Hemp wanted to give back to our community of customers and partners by offering them access to free mental health support, 24/7.”

As well as providing a space for peer support, Togetherall is monitored around-the-clock by professionally trained mental health practitioners who engage with members and act to keep the community safe. Members can also engage with courses, assessments and journaling to learn about and work through specific issues or concerns.

We chose Togetherall because it offers anonymous support 24/7. Bridging the gap for those who do not want to talk to friends or family, or seek professional help. The online resources they also offer provide important education around mental health, as it is so valuable to know and understand your problem when you’re trying to tackle it.

Tony Calamita, Love Hemp’s CEO

A new type of partnership

The partnership with Love Hemp is the first of its kind for Togetherall, by working with a consumer to offer support directly to their customers. Having supported over 300,000 members and in operation for 14 years, Togetherall’s community has long been a place for people to log on easily and access safe support quickly.

“This is a unique partnership for us, so we are delighted to welcome Love Hemp and its customers to the Togetherall community” said Togetherall’s CEO, Henry Jones. “By providing Togetherall access, Love Hemp’s subscribers can join a supportive and safe online environment to talk openly and anonymously about their feelings or experiences.”

Contact Togetherall to have a conversation about supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the your consumers or customers.