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Get the support you need on World Mental Health Day 2018

10 Oct 2018 | By Big White Wall
This year the focus is on young people! Whether you’re one of them, supporting them, friends with them or parents to them, all young people have mental health. It’s everyone’s job to help provide the skills, tools & support to get them through life’s challenges.

Young people are navigating a big and changing period in their life. They may be starting a new sixth form, college or university, entering the world of employment, holding down part time jobs, starting families, continuing to support families, dealing with shifting relationships, experiencing financial changes, and the list continues. All whilst navigating a complex social and online environment where constantly checking, engaging or digesting content is an important and valued part of their lives.

Every relationship is different, however there are a few simple ways to support your young people with their mental health:

  • Just asking if they are ok. Have you seen the latest campaign #AskTwice from Time to Change? The idea is a simple, many people struggle to say what they’re really feeling and checking in a couple of times can be the difference between “I’m fine” and “Actually I’m not ok…”.
  • Do something together. Whether that’s something outdoors, grabbing some food, or taking a trip away, spending time together can be a great way to find out how your friends and family are doing.
  • Keep connected. It can be hard work to keep up with a 24/7 online environment, so try and keep it simple, stay in contact and let them know that they’re not alone.
  • Social media. Whilst you might not be using the same platforms as your young people, it’s important to let them know it’s ok to talk about the content of them with you. If there is something worrying, distressing, uncomfortable, or inappropriate be open to conversations about this.

If you’re struggling personally, worried about someone else or want to some real-life experience or advice, we’re here for you 24/7. Log on and share the question with our supportive community and clinicians.

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