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Online Therapy via Dr Julian

This section is for our members who are receiving Online Therapy via Dr Julian. For general information and tutorials, please visit Dr Julian’s FAQs page here
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Dr Julian is a well-established online platform which provides access to a wide selection of experienced therapists, with which referred, eligible service users can book digital therapy sessions. Dr Julian is a separate company which delivers Online Therapy, whilst Togetherall provides a safe, online community where people support each other and have access to a wide range of self-help resources.

Access to Dr Julian’s Online Therapy is available to a group of our Armed Forces Veterans, commissioned by the NHS as part of Operation Courage, as well as some of our university contracts. Only those prescribed, either via the NHS or their university, which has chosen to provide Dr Julian’s service, will be able to access it alongside their Togetherall membership.

Dr Julian will provide Counselling (and CBT if commissioned) therapy services via online remote video, audio, and instant message appointments with qualified therapists. Access to Togetherall will be provided when an individual is referred into Dr Julian’s service and referred individuals will have access to both services simultaneously. To find out more about therapy delivered by Dr Julian’s team, please visit Dr Julian’s FAQs here.

Referred individuals will be able to choose their preferred therapist from a selection that may meet specific cultural and language requirements for minority groups, and access appointments at times that suit them. Therapists are generally available for appointments between 7am-11pm 7 days a week. Dr Julian are committed to getting patients into therapy within 2 weeks, except where patients are unresponsive or have limited availability where wait times will vary accordingly.

Togetherall is not a crisis service, if you require urgent mental health support, please visit our ‘In Crisis’. If you require additional local support outside of Togetherall this information can also be found here.

Togetherall is a digital mental health service, safe and anonymous, giving members access to a supportive community and a wealth of materials at any time of day or night. Access to Togetherall may depend on whether this part of our service is funded by your local health service, or your institution or organisation – check your eligibility by clicking register in the top right corner of the page.

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