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Courses, resources and assessments

Beyond our welcoming community, Togetherall has a number of resources that can help you better understand your mental health. Find out more about what is available, and how to access them. Click on a question below to expand the answer.

Togetherall has available a wealth of resources on a variety of topics. You can access Resources through the main menu. Our series of articles are designed to help you understand more about some of the issues you may be facing and learn skills to help improve your wellbeing. You may wish to find a specific article quickly.

To begin a search on Togetherall you can click the magnifying glass icon which will bring up a general search of Togetherall. To restrict your search to resources only, you can choose ‘Resources’ from the options presented at the top of the screen after you have completed your search.

There are several clinical tests to choose from to help you understand how you are feeling. These tests are private, which means that they may not be viewed by other members on Togetherall (although they are visible to our Wall Guide team).

  • Click on 'Resources' on the menu on the homepage.
  • Choose a questionnaire from the list of ‘Self assessments’ presented on this page. You may ‘view all’ to see a complete list.
  • When the assessment opens, select the appropriate level for each item on the list and press the 'Continue' button. You will then be given a brief explanation of your score. It may suggest that you are showing signs of high stress and that you should contact your healthcare provider. Or it may suggest that your stress levels are currently low.
  • You will have the option to retake the assessment if you are not satisfied that you selected the correct options.
  • After you have taken the assessment, you may find it helpful to read the resources which are available on the same topic, which can help you to understand further, move forward and test out specific self-help skills.
  • You can go back and look at your results or take the assessment when your mood feels different. To do this, go to 'My Profile' from your homepage, by selecting your username / profile picture. You will be able to view all your previous self-assessment scores.

There are two tools you can use to track your wellbeing on Togetherall. Both the ‘Journal’ and the ‘Goal setter’ can be found under our ‘Resources’ tab. You can navigate to this from the Togetherall Homepage.

Both your Journal and your Goal setter tool are private and cannot be viewed by any other member on Togetherall. Both tools are, however, monitored by our team of Wall Guides to ensure the safety of our members on Togetherall. You can also view your journal entries and goals from your profile page. To view this, click on your Togetherall profile picture / username and then select ‘My profile’.

When you select the ‘Journal’ from the ‘Resources’ tab you are taken to a page where you make private posts that no other member can view. When you make an entry to your journal it notes the time and date of this entry. You can edit and delete old journal entries if you wish. Please note, once an entry has been deleted there is no way to retrieve it.

Select the ‘Goal setter’ tool from the ‘Resources’ page. Using the text fields below you can enter a goal and the reason why you would like to achieve this. You can also set a proposed completion date for your goal. Then click ‘Create goal.'

Once a goal is created it appears beneath the Goal setter tool and so you can monitor it. Once you have completed your goal you can make a note of this by clicking the tick to make it green. Once a goal has been ticked it appears at the bottom of your list of goals.

On Togetherall, we have a range of structured online courses available. Each course is divided into a number of chapters. Each of these chapters contains a general education about a specific topic. Some chapters also include a self-reflection exercise or task which you can complete in your ‘Journal’ if you wish. In most chapters, you will also learn a helpful skill. Our courses are all available to join at any time and if you wish to revisit any of the previous chapters you can review them at your leisure.

On the Togetherall homepage you can click the ‘Courses’ tab to explore our available courses. When you click on a course, you are taken to a course overview which includes a brief synopsis of the course’s chapters so you will know what you can expect to see and do in the course. If you decide to join a course after reading the overview, then you will need to take a self-assessment.

Click the button at the bottom of the Overview to ‘Take a self-assessment. At the end of each chapter there is a ‘Next’ button to go to the next chapter. The ‘Back’ button returns to previous chapters if you wish to review your course progress. At any point you can click on the ‘Go to Course Talkabout’ and join a group Talkabout with other members who have taken your course. To return to your course you will need to go back on your browser or find the course again from the ‘Courses’ menu.

There is no limit on the number of courses you can join, but we recommend waiting until you have completed one before starting another.

Courses are designed to improve your coping skills and promote healthy behaviours. Taking the course with others has been shown to motivate members to complete the courses.

You’re in control of what you do on Togetherall. You can complete the activities at any time. If you do not wish to continue clicking through the chapters of the course you can simply leave. If you don’t like the course you don’t have to complete it.

However, to get the full benefit, it is always best to try to complete it if you can. Some of the skills you learn may not seem helpful now but may help you with issues that come up later. You can come back to a half-completed course at any time you wish and also once you have completed a course you can revisit any of the chapters again, if you wish.

Ask a Wall Guide if you have any questions about our courses.

Togetherall is not a crisis service, if you require urgent mental health support, please visit our ‘In Crisis’. If you require additional local support outside of Togetherall this information can also be found here.

Togetherall is a digital mental health service, safe and anonymous, giving members access to a supportive community and a wealth of materials at any time of day or night. Access to Togetherall may depend on whether this part of our service is funded by your local health service, or your institution or organisation – check your eligibility by clicking register in the top right corner of the page.

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