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Togetherall Service Specification




1. Introduction

This Service Specification details the Services which the Provider will provide to the Client. This Service Specification describes the Services commissioned, how they will be delivered, who may benefit from them, how they will be monitored and the standard they must achieve.


2. The Provider

The Provider offers online services to improve the mental wellbeing of people experiencing psychological distress.


3. The Provider’s wellbeing services

The Provider offers an online community of members who support each other in a clinically moderated and anonymous environment. The service offers 24-hour access to trained professionals who monitor forums and activity within Togetherall. In addition to this, members also have access to a range of courses, self-help materials, assessments and resources to self-manage their mental health. The service is anonymous and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days a year.

This baseline service of bigwhitewall.com that all users can access is often referred to as the Support Network. It provides peer and community support and a range of choices for users to self-manage and gain support including:

  • Peer talk therapy: users initiate or join forums on topics ranging from depression and anxiety to relationship issues, work stress, abuse, self-harm and eating disorders;
  • Peer groups: users form ‘invitation-only’ forums to talk to a selected group;
  • Peer support networks: users make ‘friends’ to create a support network as a reference group, source of motivation and means to improve self-awareness;
  • Togetherall uses the principles of creative therapy such as art and writing therapies, where users express themselves on ‘bricks’ that are posted to Togetherall. They can also choose to share and express themselves by posting to the Community.
  • Self-directed learning: users have access to a wide range of resources that address wellbeing and mental health, as well as self-assessment tools and self-help exercises.
  • Structured learning: Courses that are based on therapeutic approaches such as interpersonal therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy and that are supported by peer groups.
  • Moderation by registered trained professionals: The Wall Guides are available 24/7 and are supervised by the Provider’s Clinical Management Team.


4. Target Group

The Provider’s wellbeing services are only available to people aged 16 years and over.


5. Service Delivery

Service Standards for Support Network Places:

  • Each user will have 24/7 access to the Provider’s Support Network for the stated term of the Agreement between the Client and the Provider. The user can access the service as frequently and for as long as they choose within that period.
  • Wall Guides moderate the service 24/7 and have access to a Clinical Management Team for clinical back up through the Provider’s Clinical Governance Team at all times.
  • The Provider takes responsibility for clinical and information governance within the boundaries of the Service Specification.Marketing of the service

The Client is responsible for ensuring that the Togetherall Support Network is promoted to the cohort of members specified in the Order Form;

The Client will:

  • Provide an Account Manager who is responsible for the development and implementation of marketing and take up strategy for the Support Network subscriptions covered in this Agreement;
  • Ensure that the Account Manager is the key liaison person with the Provider;
  • Provide Clinical contact and local Safeguarding processes and contact data to the Provider.

Responsibilities of Client Implementation Lead:

  • Delivers any information required for a successful implementation to the Provider within two weeks of the Commencement Date in the form required by the Provider (i.e. postcode data, eligible emails etc., to enable self-referral access).
  • Develops an implementation strategy together with the Provider with clear monthly activities and targets to ensure take up of the Support Network subscriptions. The strategy will be discussed and agreed with the Provider.


6. Service outcomes, evaluation and reporting

Data is provided on the following:

  • Take up and profile of users, including:
    – The demographic profile of members
    – Information on how users heard about the site
    – Up take through different referral means of the therapeutic Support Network.
  • Activity patterns, including:
    – The number of times registered members have accessed the site and their patterns of use, including the average length of time each user spends on the wellbeing website, the most popular aspects of the wellbeing website by page views etc…
  • Outcomes, including:
    –  The utility of the therapeutic Support Network in improving wellbeing through user reported outcomes
    –  The extent to which users attribute improvements in wellbeing to the Services.


7. Governance, risk management and quality assurance

  • The Provider’s clinical governance framework was initially developed in conjunction with TPFT and has since been further reviewed and developed to align with best evidence based and Safeguarding practice. Togetherall retains a set of policies and procedures on clinical governance and risk management.
  • User safety is regulated by 24/7 facilitation and moderation of content by trained Staff, this includes algorithms, watchwords and clinical measures that signal those who have urgent or high-level needs and prompt action. Community norms are informed by house rules and the moderation of Wall Guides which also helps to enhance self-care and safety on Togetherall. Wall Guides have the ability to remove any content, remove or mute members and follow other governance, escalation and risk management procedures – such as reaching out to Emergency Services when indicated.
  • Wall Guides are trained professionals who monitor the Support Network 24/7and supervised by the Provider’s Clinical Management Team.
  • The Community is regularly consulted about the development and the utility of the service and there are a range of methods through which the Provider ensures that the Community leads the nature of development on Togetherall.