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Tip of the iceberg: getting more men into mental health support

Our partners at Movember support research to understand what works when engaging men in mental health support and to put these findings into action through their funded programmes and initiatives.

In an online discussion with Togetherall, they share what they have learned through their work, and what transferable insight we can apply to mental health support services and promotion to increase engagement with men.

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From this webinar, you'll learn more about

  • The societal attitudes and barriers that might prevent men from seeking mental health support
  • Ways of increasing men's adoption of mental health services
  • The benefits of involving peers (men helping other men) to support engagement

  • Togetherall's Chief Clinical Officer, Ben Locke, PhD., is joined by Movember's Social Impact Strategist, Sarah Sternberg in conversation a around their experience and research.

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