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House Rules

Togetherall is a peer-support digital community that encourages you to be open about what is on your mind, learn more about yourself and work through what is troubling you. This space is anonymous for your protection and as a way to allow you to express yourself more freely. When you join Togetherall as a member, you agree to our Terms of Use, which includes these rules. Your acceptance of these terms indicates your understanding of these rules and your confirmation that you are at least 16 years of age. Maintaining House Rules helps us to make sure that Togetherall works well for the entire community. Violation of House Rules will result in a warning or, in some cases, a loss of membership.

As a member, you are taking responsibility for your actions and behaviour on Togetherall. The rules below foster every member’s ability to access the Wall for support, learning, and recovery in an anonymous and personal manner.

It is important to remember that Togetherall is a support for, not a replacement of, your life offline.


Protect and maintain your anonymity

1.1. Your user name should not contain your first or last name, any nicknames you are known by or have been known by, or long chains of numbers which could contain phone numbers or dates of birth, either in part or whole. Do not use a user name that you have used on another Internet site.

1.2. Do not share any contact details about yourself or your family or friends. This includes names, login details, specific areas or town in which you live, residential or work addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, current or past employers, where you bank, current or past schools attended, or sites you frequent.

1.3. Do not share information about any social media sites you utilise.

1.4. Do not share or upload photographs of yourself, family members, friends, or images that may identify where you live or visit.

1.5 Please note that Togetherall is not a mental health crisis service. In the event that we have serious and immediate concerns for the safety of a member, and that member is linked to crisis supports, it may be necessary to temporarily pause their Togetherall account to ensure that they are able to fully engage with support services until the crisis period is resolved. Whenever possible, we will only pause the account after we have confirmed that they have been connected to appropriate services.  Learn more about our account pause and reactivation policy in our Member Terms.


Protect and maintain the anonymity of others

2.1. User names should not contain proper names that when combined could be mistaken for someone else.

2.2. Do not seek to discover or reveal the identity of another member.

2.3. Do not share identifiable information of any specific individual or specific organisation.

2.4. Do not share or upload photographs of yourself, family members and friends, or images that
may identify where you live or visit, onto bricks and avatars.

2.5. Do not impersonate other people, either real or fictitious. This includes Wall Guides or other Togetherall staff members. Just be yourself.


Allow yourself to be supported

3.1. Ask for support from other members if you want to. Give yourself permission to be comforted and supported on the Wall. Be appreciative when other members provide support to you. Let other members know what you find more or less helpful.

3.2. Express yourself fully and honestly. Share with others what you are comfortable sharing and take responsibility for what you share.


Support others

4.1. Treat others with respect and sincerity. Listen to other members. Ask open-ended questions and offer constructive feedback.

4.2. Share helpful experiences and insights. Offer reasonable choices and advice to others, remembering that ultimately all members have to make up their own minds about what is best for them.

4.3. Try and follow up with members on the wall when you have engaged with them. Keep your commitments as best you can.

4.4. Be mindful of others. Remember many members are emotionally vulnerable, so don’t post content that may provoke others to harm themselves or others. Consider how a posting or image might affect vulnerable members before sharing.


Promote and maintain a safe environment on the wall

5.1. Only post or upload content that is in compliance with House Rules. Please review Section 6.0, Prohibited Images and Content, as needed. If in doubt or unsure if the image or content you would like to share is okay, please check with the Wall Guide team before posting.

5.2. Report any of the following using the ‘Report’ or ‘Ask a Wall Guide’ buttons. We consider all reported content or incidents carefully. Please note: Wall Guides will NOT identify that you alerted them.

5.3. Report any members that appear to be at immediate risk of harming themselves or another.

5.4. Report any threats you perceive to yourself or other members or inappropriate behaviour. Report any observed violation of House Rules, including if you should become aware that an individual under 16 years of age is using the platform.

5.5. Only one identity or account is allowed per member. Please do not attempt to setup more than one. If you should have a problem with your account, please contact the Togetherall support team at If you are found to have more than one account, it will be shut down and you risk suspension on the Wall. If your account has been suspended or terminated by Togetherall, any accounts believed to be additional or created subsequently will be permanently blocked without warning.


Avoid prohibited images and content

The following images or content are not allowed on the Wall.

6.1. Photographs of yourself, family members, friends, or images that may identify where you live or visit.

6.2. Images or postings that may provoke harmful impulses in other members or prevent their recovery. This includes detailed descriptions or images of methods of self-harm and/or suicide.

6.3. Images that may be interpreted as glamorising eating disorders.

6.4. Images of a graphic nature.

6.5. Content or images that may foster abuse or violence.

6.6. Any derogatory content or content that supports bullying, intimidation, harassment, hate speech, sexism, racism, malicious stereotyping, or slurs against religion, or the sexual orientation of an individual or group.

6.7. Pornography or sexually-explicit material. Any material that is intended to shock or upset others is not allowed.

6.8. Content related to specific medications and dosages that could lead to misinformation to other members.

6.9. Content that mentions specific body weights as this may increase the vulnerability of persons struggling with disordered eating.

6.10. Content indicating intent to commit an illegal act.

6.11. Content or images reflecting advertising of goods or services.

6.12. Any hyperlinks or URL addresses of websites outside of Togetherall (as this may be interpreted as Togetherall endorsing certain sites).

6.13. Any copyrighted material or content that infringes on another’s intellectual property. In other words, if you didn’t create it yourself, then don’t post or upload it.


Anonymity on Togetherall

Members identities are always kept from other members. Any breaches to this House Rule within member to member interactions are taken very seriously and could result in deactivation of Togetherall accounts.

Anonymity between Wall Guides and members is also taken seriously. Measures are taken to ensure you are anonymous and, at the point of Togetherall registration, Wall Guides do not have access to personal details you provide, only your user name. We do our utmost to ensure that it stays this way and have House Rules to help protect your identity. We at times will edit out identifying information from interactions with Wall Guides if it is unnecessary and may breach that confidentiality.

However, if there are times that we have serious and immediate concerns for the safety of yourself and others, we do have a process where Wall Guides may seek identifying information from a member we are concerned about. This is limited to circumstances where there are serious concerns to the safety for yourself or others.

In those circumstances Wall Guides may escalate concerns about a member to a senior clinician and may ask a member for details about where they are and contact details for them.

If a member is unable to confirm their safety or we do not hear back from them, we may give any information we do have to the emergency services, seek support from your commissioning body (such as your university or employer) and/or your GP. We would do this with the intention of helping and keeping members safe. We have a professional duty of care and sometimes, depending on the circumstances, a legal duty, to do this. The information we have depends on the contract under which a member signs up and might for example include a post code/eircode and date of birth.

Where it is possible, we will let you know what actions we are taking unless we feel it’s not safe to do so.


Violations of House Rules

The consequences of violating House Rules can be a written warning or, in some cases, a loss of membership.

When content or images are considered inappropriate for the Wall or in clear violation as described above, the content will be edited and possibly removed in its entirety. Members will be notified by the Wall Guide staff when this occurs.

If a breach of House Rules becomes a regular occurrence or is of such severity that it is deemed warranted by Togetherall, temporary or permanent deactivation from the Wall can occur.


Associated Risks with Using Togetherall

Be aware that despite our best efforts, technological issues can occur at any time. As a result the site can go down or errors may occur that could risk loss of content, images, or even anonymity. Please let us know immediately if you notice anything not working properly.

In accordance with the House Rules, you are responsible for maintaining your anonymity on Togetherall. If you believe that there is a risk that you may have identified yourself through content that you have posted on the website, or if you have put yourself or another at risk by breaching a different house rule, please let us know immediately. While we appreciate that mistakes may happen and will deal with these on a case-by-case basis, bear in mind that temporary or permanent deactivation from the Wall can occur for serious or repeated breaches.

Please get in touch with us using the contact form with any comments, suggestions, or concerns. For any issues that may jeopardise the safety on the wall or a member, please contact a Wall Guide.

Togetherall is not a crisis service, if you require urgent mental health support, please visit our ‘In Crisis’. If you require additional local support outside of Togetherall this information can also be found here.